World Heart Day 2020: 5 lifestyle tips for a healthy heart - DNA India
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World Heart Day 2020: 5 lifestyle tips for a healthy heart - DNA India


With a paradigm shift in the way life is in these unprecedented times, it is important that we don't stress and try to stay calm and composed while dealing with the pandemic and putting our best foot forward in managing work and personal life balance.

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Healthy vitamin D levels could reduce COVID-19 complications - News-Medical.Net


Published in the journal PLOS ONE, the study investigates the link between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and its effect on adverse clinical outcomes and parameters of immune function and mortality due to COVID-19.

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Weight loss: This is the right time to eat eggs - Times of India


It is packed with several healthy nutrients and is one of the best sources of complete protein.

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Bloomberg | Posted by Arpan Rai

Warning signs flash ahead of Covid’s second US winter; more deaths expected - Hindustan Times


Data collected by the Covid Tracking Project shows that the number of people hospitalized has plateaued at about 30,000 in the past week, after a decline from nearly 60,000 that began in late July.

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Bangalore Mirror

SARS-CoV-2 vaccine: The facts that truly matter - Bangalore Mirror


But for all this to happen, we need a potent and powerful vaccine which is available to both wealthy and low-income nations.

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Tips to ditch post pregnancy weight without exercising - Times of India


In order to keep a check on your weight and manage it well, here are a few tips you can use, if you are a new mum

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Matthew Lavietes

Gay, lesbian, bisexual Americans at higher risk for migraines: study - Reuters India


Lesbian, gay and bisexual people are much more likely than straight people to get migraines, U.S. research showed on Monday, indicating sexual orientation may be a risk factor for the painful and disabling headaches.

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MS Nawaz

61 inmates test Covid +ve in Haridwar jail, isolated - Times of India


Haridwar: As many as 61 inmates tested positive for novel coronavirus in Haridwar Jail in a span of just three days.

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Can Artificial Intelligence reduce mental health issues? - Web Hosting | Cloud Computing | Datacenter | Domain News - Daily Host News


As  per WHO one in   four people  in the world  will be affected by mental or neurological  disorder at some point in  their lives. Around  450 million people  currently suffer  from such conditions, placing  mental disorders  among the leading causes of  ill…

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Suraksha P

Bengaluru sees more heart attacks as Covid-19 pandemic bites - Deccan Herald


Doctors have reported a 30% surge in heart attack cases in Bengaluru in the last two months, possibly related to factors like mental stress, economic difficulties, sedentary lifestyle, bad diet and other challenges imposed by the lockdown. Many of the patient…

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WION Web Team

India: ICMR warns of danger posed by another virus from China - Cat Que Virus - WION


The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has warned of the danger posed by another virus found in China  - the Cat Que Virus.

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Coronavirus: New nasal spray causes a 'rapid eradication' of Covid virus - Khaleej Times


Australian biotech company Ena Respiratory said on Monday that a nasal spray it is developing to improve the human immune system to fight co...

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Australian firm says its nasal spray reduced coronavirus growth in animal study - CNBCTV18


The company has raised A$11.7 million ($8.24 million) for the development of the spray. Investors include venture capital firm Brandon Capital Ltd, the Australian federal government, pension funds and biotech giant CSL Ltd.Get latest Healthcare online at cnbc…

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Ashiq Hussain

World Rabies Day: Srinagar reported 55,000 animal bite cases in past decade - Hindustan Times


Stray dogs menace has remained a persistent issue in Kashmir, particularly in capital Srinagar, where the estimated dog population is 60,000.

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5 amazing and lesser-known health benefits of honey - Times of India


Honey is a commonly used food ingredient, which has multiple health benefits.

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Novel nasal spray reduces viral replication by up to 96%: according to COVID-19 challenge study -


Ena Respiratory’s preventative nasal spray treatment could reach human trials within four months, following results from an animal study released today which showed the spray reduced COVID-19 replication by up to 96%.

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Scientists study misleading impact in nausea therapy at the molecular level - Microbioz India


The molecular bases of the placebo effect are poorly understood. A team headed by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich researcher Karin Meissner has now studied the phenomenon in the context of nausea, and identified specific proteins that correlat…

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Police told not to download NHS Covid-19 app - BBC News


National Police Chiefs Council says officers should not install contact-tracing app on work phones.

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China's Yunnan province gets "confirmed" case of Bubonic plague - All India Radio


China’s Yunnan province gets a "confirmed" case of Bubonic plague after Inner Mongolia recorded two deaths due to deadly disease.

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Brain researchers open new frontiers in understanding resilience - BollyInside


Get news update about Brain researchers open new frontiers in understanding resilience

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